Reactive Rover 2

Reactive Rover 2 gives you a chance to review your Reactive Rover 1 skills and advance to the more frequent use of tools such as "look at that" and play skills, while always being free to fall back on your management games to get out of a tough situation. This class provides a safe environment where handlers will continue learning to observe their dogs, communicate clear cues, and respond so that stay comfortable and engaged with us, reducing stress for both dog and handler. This class provides continued support and builds handler confidence so owners may learn to navigate their dogs joyfully through the world.

Frequency & Duration: 1 hour per week for 6 weeks.  Dogs come to all 6 classes. 

Fee: $285 per dog (If your dog was adopted from a 501(c)3 rescue group or shelter, or has taken a class with us in the past year, the fee is $265)

Course prerequisites: Successful completion of Reactive Rover 1 within the last 12 months, and submission of our online Reactive Rover 2 Questionnaire

Location: SF SPCA Mission Campus Multi-Purpose Room, 243 Alabama Street

Class includes: Certificate of Completion

Class capacity: 6 dogs


Upcoming classes:

There are no sections scheduled at this time. We post sections regularly, so please check again soon!

If you'd like to sign up for a session of Reactive Rover 2, please submit a Reactive Rover 2 questionnaire. We will then review your form and contact you via email regarding registration. 


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